Our History


In 1980 the Molina Group had businesses and establishments in the commercial and industrial sector. Molina Group began in agricultural activity by acquiring a field located in the area of "Pesqueira" north of the city of Hermosillo, which named "Las Mercedes". The early years were a very conservative growth, starting with the planting of 40 hectares of perlette variety and flame table grapes. Little by little acreage was increasing while cultivated varieties were introduced as Sugraone, Red Globe, Black Seedless, Summer Royal and several more.


At the beginning the commercialization of our table grape was focused solely on the domestic market; but with the signing of NAFTA in 1994 new shopping centers were opened in the US and Canada giving us the impetus to our growth. The effort and technification that are carried out activities of production and fruit harvest, has resulted in very high quality fruit, making us expand our market to the European community. A fact that has led us to implement food safety programs and quality certifications.

In 2005 the growth of Molina Group accelerates. The opportunity arose to buy a new agricultural field, "La Navidad", located in the northern part of the Costa de Hermosillo, after the "Don Roberto" on the Costa de Hermosillo, and "Santa Maria" on the Guaymas Valley fields are acquired. As part of our expansion a cold storage room in Nogales Arizona is acquired, (MJ Brothers Services Inc.), and the company Fresh Farms born as Trading and Distribution Center. The strategy of diversification of the Group have created other companies related to agriculture like: Diserson, a modern fleet of trucks to take full control of the cold chain in our products; and Fertilizers MJ, which provides fertilizers, pesticides, breeders and organic products for agriculture.

In short, Molina Group is a corporate of companies principally engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of fruits and vegetables of high quality, seeking to meet consumer trends and demands, with products of exceptional quality and a recognized identity.