Social Responsibility

Working Together

In recognition of the work done by the field workers to achieve high quality products, Molina Group carries out social actions to promote the well-being of its employees based on Socio-Cultural, Spiritual and Moral values as a basis for achieving that goal.

Our values

Honesty: Act truthfully to all situations that arise.
Solidarity: Value enabling act carefully and sensitively with people in a state of vulnerability.
Respect: For life and for human beings. Remove actions and violent attitudes or discrimination that violates the dignity of the person
Dignified treatment: Human relationships with respect, fairness and friendliness to facilitate the improvement of their quality of life.
Service: Providing care with sensitivity to our target population to provide humanitarian service.
Comprehension: So empathic understanding of the situation from the other person.

Our Programs


Implement actions of promotion to physical and emotional health focused on health maintenance and disease prevention are priority of our work plan. The early detection, awareness and self-care training in caring for the environment are permanent activities within the camps.

A) Free hair cut
B) Talks to prevent violence.
C) Talks aimed at raising awareness and prevention of addictions.
D) Vaccination for disease prevention.
E) Health Fairs.

Human Development

Contribute to the personal development of farmworker promoting sports, social and cultural activities that respect the individuality, personal beliefs and abilities.
Sport Activities: Development of sports in order to promote healthy living and empathy with other people in the community.
1.- Promoting sport as a healthy lifestyle. Tournaments and sporting activities in the fields in order to promote fellowship and physical activity are organized.
2.- Promoting culture : We promote respect for different cultures and physical activity.
4.- Singing competitions: We organize these activities for recreation and healthy recreation to avoid idleness.
Spaces for spiritual development: Respect for the beliefs of each individual allocating physical spaces reserved for that activity. (Chapels, churches, altars)


Offering our partners nutritious, varied and high quality to ensure food nutritional requirements, attached to safety standards in its preparation. Promoting gastronomic diversity of each region.
Spaces for feeding.
Dining room: The dining room at Molina Group are hygienic spaces where food of high nutritional value are prepared, there are sound systems and television for workers used as entertainment options during their off hours.
Bakery: Ensures fresh and healthy products made with high quality products.


Providing the tools to farm worker to conclude its Basic Education.
Link is maintained with Governmental Instances to support Molina's Group partners to complete their basic education free of charge.

Program Benefits:
A) Skills and abilities Development.
B) Self-esteem rises.
C) Reducing Educational Backwardness
D) Social improvement.

Continuous training

Constant Improvement in the different physical areas of the fields, processes, security and safety to ensure timely and safe stay for the farmworkers.
1.- Training plant personnel.
2.- Opportunity for growth and development.